I was hooked on Jetstrike for a long time on my 500, not even knowing an AGA version existed!

Not only did the AGA graphical and sound improvements, but it also offered air to air refueling. As expected, the AGA version is a little slower on the Amiga 1200 over the standard version.

There was even a version released for the Amiga CD32.

A side by side comparison is coming soon.


Video captured using our much-adored (and stock) Amiga 1200 – RGB Scart to Elgato. Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. More info on how we connected the Amiga to HDMI here https://www.retro32.com/gaming/amiga/06042020571-how-to-connect-your-amiga-to-a-modern-tv-capture-card-rgb-scart-to-hdmi-not-composite