We make no secret that we’re massive fans of the legendary immortal joysticks. Their supreme build quality, beautiful Japanese arcade parts and unique features make this our daily stick that travels around the country to Amiga meets and business trips alike.

For those who have yet to secure their own Immortal Stick, tomorrow at 9AM (BST) the official Immortal Joystick Kickstarter will launch the sticks to the masses. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/immortaljoysticks/immortaljoysticks?ref=discovery

In true Kickstarter fashion, they won’t just be a cookie-cutter selection either, Andrew from Immortal has let slip to Retro32 that a number of special edition packages will be available in limited numbers for those looking for something very special, true one-offs!

It’s not often that we back Kickstarters (especially considering the sh*t we’ve seen recently) but this is a project we’re very much behind. We have been lucky enough to secure a custom-built RGB Immortal Joystick last year and I can honestly say I can’t fault it. Andrew’s attention to detail and passion for this project shines through, and we’ll be first in line to secure another. 

Click here for the Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/immortaljoysticks/immortaljoysticks?ref=discovery

Click for our Immortal Joystick Review – https://www.retro32.com/gaming/240220223951-amiga-review-immortal-joysticks

Our custom RGB stick