Are you a die-hard Amiga fan who cherishes the golden days of gaming? Well, it’s time to put your nostalgia to the test! We’re excited to announce a unique competition that will send you on a trip down memory lane, reimagined for today’s gaming world.

The Challenge:

We’ve taken some of the most iconic Amiga games and given them a modern twist. Your task is simple yet thrilling: Name these classic Amiga games, now redesigned with stunning, photo-realistic graphics. Think you can identify them all?

The Prize:

One lucky winner, chosen at random from the ALL entries, will receive an exclusive prize – a pack of 25 Retro32 Amiga Disk Labels and a set of Commodore Warranty labels! These custom labels are perfect for any Amiga enthusiast looking to add a personal touch to their collection.

You don’t need to get them all right to enter, this is just a bit of holiday fun.

How to Enter:

Participating is as easy as it gets:

  1. Check out the Images: We will provide you with a series of images, each representing a modern reinterpretation of a classic Amiga game.
  2. Name the Games: Write down your guesses. Each image corresponds to a beloved Amiga title.
  3. Submit Your Answers: List the games in the comments below together with your favorite Amiga game

There could be more than one game that applies to an image. It’ll be interesting to see how the guesses differ!

The Games:













Rules and Regulations:

  • Closing Date: The competition closes 1/1/2024 (Happy New Year!!!)
  • Eligibility: Open to all, but remember, only one entry per person!
  • Winner Announcement: The lucky winner will be announced on 2/1/2024 on our website and social media channels.

Don’t Miss Out!

This is your chance to relive the glory of Amiga gaming and win some awesome retro swag! Get your gaming caps on, dive into a world of nostalgia, and send us your answers before the clock runs out.

May the best Amiga fan win!

Amiga Floppy Disk labels – Custom 3.5″ full colour (adhesive) – 25 pack