Commodore Amiga Reproduction Warranty Stickers


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“Hello?! We’re calling about your Amiga’s extended warranty”

Never again will you have to worry about your Amiga not being covered by the exhaustive Commodore warranty with these stunning reproduction stickers. They are guaranteed to fix a wide range of hardware and software issues .. or your money back **

Refer a friend to the Retro32 Amiga extended warranty program and you’ll receive 10 internet points and a firm handshake should I ever meet you in person.

Order yours today before your Amiga dies a fiery death.


  • 4 x Adhesive Commodore Amiga Reproduction Warranty Stickers

These stickers are also compatible with a wide range of other Amiga hardware including the Commodore 64, VIC-20, 1084 Montors, calculators, hardware accessories and many more. 

To ensure full warranty coverage we suggest you apply a sticker to the middle screw hole in the front of the case without a screw. This will prevent the need for sticker penetration should you need to access your beloved machine.

Please ensure that the surface is clean before application. We suggest using an alcohol wipe or some IPA to clean the area of any residue or oils. Failure to clean the area correctly may cause the sticker (and your warranty) to be void. 

£1 UK delivery

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** This is all lies. 


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