Amiga Christmas tree decorations (5pc – 20pc) Xmas (Gifts / Models)



Have all your Christmases come at once with this beautiful Amiga Christmas tree decorations. Expertly designed and crafted by Amiga enthusiasts these decorations make a great gift for any Amiga lover. These make a great gift/stocking filler. Produced in stunning ice white these little beauties bring a taste of those Amiga glory days to your festive holidays.

These models can be painted. Please see the photos for an example of a painted set that one of our talented customers sent us!

What’s included

  • 5 / 8 / 10 / 15 /20 x Amiga Christmas Tree decorations (white). You can choose from
    • Commodore Logo
    • The Juggler
    • Kickstart 1.3 image
    • LSD Group logo
    • Amiga Tick
    • Floppy disk
    • Workbench drawer
    • 3d Pixel cursor
    • Zipstick Joystick
    • Amiga “A”
    • Tank Mouse
    • Boing Ball
    • Amiga 4000 front plate
    • Amiga 1200
    • Amiga CD32
    • Amiga CD32 Controller
    • Amiga 600
    • Amiga 500
    • Christmas Lemmings Run
    • Christmas Lemmings Block
    • Putty Character
    • State of the Art Dancer
    • 9 Fingers Dancer
    • Fat Agnus Chip
    • Sensible Soccer character
    • Atari Joystick
    • Workbench Preferences Drawer icon
    • IK+ Scene
    • IT Came from the Desert
    • X-Copy Logo / plate
    • Fairlight Group logo


  • 1 x length of ribbon per decoration. Satin 5mm ribbon (Green / Red / White) – note that this is not plastic ribbon

We’re busy creating new and amazing Amiga models for all you lucky Amiga boys and girls. Be sure to follow us on Facebook / Instagram for updates on new items being released. **!** Please contact karl (@) with the models you would like or they will be chosen for you **!** Please Note These stunning little models are 3D printed and therefore may have minor printing inconsistencies due to the 3D printing process. As per the pricing, these are £2.00 each, if you require larger quantities than 10 please get in touch.

New models added

03/11/2020 – A4000 faceplate – State of the Art Dancer – 9 Fingers Dancer – Fat Angus Chip – CD32 Controller
6/11/2020 – Amiga Juggler, Kickstart 1.3 icon, Workbench Preferences, Atari Joystick, Sensible Soccer, Fat Angus chip
10/11/2020 – IK+, IT Came from the Desert & X-Copy added

Any questions?

Do you have any questions before you order? Contact Karl (at) and we’ll do our best to help you out. All our products are under continual development – please get in touch if you have any feedback or suggestions. Want more colours/designs? Let us know!


We ship to UK, Europe, the United States, and Canada. We can not be held responsible for any taxes or fees associated with the sending of this item. Please ensure you have accounted for any additional shipping charges or taxes before ordering. UK Shipping: First Class Small Parcel Europe Shipping: Courier Hermes Tracked US: Courier Tracked

Additional information

Number of pcs

5 Pack, 8 Pack, 10 Pack, 15 Pack, 20 Pack, 25 Pack, 30 Pack

Ribbon Colour

Green Dark, Green light, Red, White


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