We’ve been long-standing followers and supporters of Graeme Cowie‘s Amiga AGA conversion of the classic Super Sprint DRS, so imagine our excitement to see that Graeme has taken on a challenge to code an Amiga Christmas game in 7 days.

Whilst only 5 days into Santa Run, it’s already looking and sounding absolutely stunning. The game is reminiscent of Paperboy but with that classic Amiga feel. The mechanics look pretty simple – you control Santa on his path across the rooftops, delivering presents whilst avoiding becoming a victim of one of the many chimneys. Scoring points as you leap gracefully from house to house and earning points for delivering goodies, we suspect that this title will offer a tonne of game time as you battle your friends to become top of St Nick’s leaderboard.

With Christmas fast approaching, we can’t wait to get our hands on this game. We might even put together a little competition for the highest score to win some Amiga Christmas Goodies!

Check our the playlist link below and with just 2 days left, I can’t wait to get my hands on this little title.


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