What a time for the Amiga community. We have an abundance of new hardware for our classic systems gracing us with the performance our 13-year selves could only dream about and now an A500 mini! It might not be to everyone’s taste but there is no denying that the influx of both returning and new users to the Amiga is a good thing. Combine that with some legendary game devs gracing us with some breathtaking new Amiga games, I’m in heaven.

With this in mind, we’re excited to announce that the epic Turbo Tomato by Nivrig Games has been updated for the A500 mini. The newly released WHDLoad package now allows TT’s riotous vegetable fruit-based mayhem on the decisive new Amiga. Pick up your copy before the end of the weekend and you’ll pick up this amazing title at the offer price of just $10 (34%) off. 

Secure your copy from Nivrig’s Itch. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed . – https://nivrig.itch.io/turbo-tomato

For more information how to run WHDLoad games on the A500 mini please see our A500 mini guide

Fruit has never been so much fun!