After noting Dr Chris’s love of British fine cuisine in a previous video, we thought it was only fitting that we provided Chris with a yummy care package from the British Isles to help keep him fueled up with his relentless Amiga repairs. Video here –

Not only did we provide him with some glorious diabetes snacks, but we also gifted him with some goodies available from our store. Winging its way across the pond were various sticky things including a pack of our customer Amiga floppy disk labels and some rather “controversial” Commodore Warranty Labels. Since Chris is now “the warranty”, we saw it only fit that he should be the custodian of these glorious reproduction stickers. However, it seems that some of the white knights of the Amiga community take issues with these stickers.

Sorry, but I don’t see the issue with this. No one in their right mind would pay MORE for a machine with its warranty labels intact. Imagine buying a 600 / 1200 or 4000 and expecting to enjoy your purchase with warranty labels, knowing that the slow creep of cap leakage would soon result in its certain demise. I would go as far as to say I would be hesitant to even buy an SMD-capped Amiga with its stickers on, like it’s something to be proud of?! These are 30+ year-old machines we’re all messing about with. They all deserve the minimum of a lovely clean inside to remove all those years of dead skin cells and questionable fluids. I don’t get the issue here. And FFS, if it’s got its original SMD caps on, have it recapped – (queue the tin foil hat-wearing anti-recappers).

Enough of that, here’s the video. If you’re not already subscribed to Chris’s channel then we highly recommend it. Chris is doing gods work here – – and yes. We learned something. We always do with Chris’s videos. You’re an absolute legend, Sir.

And here’s part one… sorry about the order.

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