We’re very excited to announce that our first YouTube video has been uploaded to our channel. Click here!

Now don’t be expecting anything too extravagant, we’re only just getting to grips with Premier Pro and our Elgato game capture HD. We have created is a way for you to relive that authentic Amiga 1200 kickstart 3.0 experience, complete with the drive click / load.

This isn’t some emulated digital recording either. The video was captured using the 1200’s composite video out port (yes, the yellow RCA) and processed lovingly in-house at Retro32 towers – all at a whopping resolution of 720 x 576. The audio of that unmistakable drive clicking was recorded using an iPhone 11, with some minor post-processing in Audacity.

We’re pretty pleased with the result and believe that this is hands down the most authentic recreation of the Amiga 1200 kickstart screen available in the world today – it even looks like shite on a Full HD TV. Yes, that’s a bold claim – so fight me.

If you’re interested in further videos or want to know more about the capture / processing aspects of this video them let us know in the comments below. All be sure to check out our other Amiga articles.

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