A500 Mini Pandory500 USB stick (A500 mini) distro (writing service) – 64GB USB



** Now Shipping Pandory v3 for the A500 mini – Released 18/04/2024 **

A500 Mini – Pandory500 is in the public domain – you can download it from https://github.com/emuchicken/pandory-a500

This service is ONLY for those people who lack the skills to write the files on a USB stick. We’d prefer everyone to be able to create a USB stick yourself but we understand that it’s not always possible. Instructions for installation are freely available.

!! Please note !! We are NOT selling the Public domain games/applications or utilities. The files contained on the drive are a gift with the purchase of the USB flash drive – this is a writing service. All files are either shareware or in the public domain. Please support the Amiga development community and pay/donate if you enjoy their software.

This includes

  • 1 x SanDisk 64 GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive pre-loaded with Pandory500

A proportion of the sale price will be donated to the creator of this epic release to ensure continued development.

We can NOT offer support for this software.

We have created this product in collaboration with the creator of the Pandory500 project – Team Pandory

Pandory500 V2 “mod” released for the A500 mini. It’s a game changer


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