Amiga 500 USB Keyboard Adapter (HID)





Use your Amiga 500 keyboard as a USB HID keyboard with this stunning little adapter USB.

Tested with both Windows 10 and Amibian / Amiberry this adapter will give you the most authentic “emulated” Amiga when paired with Amibian and an Amiga 500 case / keyboard combo. Even the Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga keys work with Amiberry!

Simply connect the pins on the keyboard as per the instructions using the supplied cable and you’re away. No coding, no drama. It turns the A500 keyboard into one of the most tactile keyboards ever made.

This includes

  • Adapter board
  • Amga 500 keyboard adapter cable
  • MicroUSB cable (1m)
  • Full instructions via email inc photos for correct fitment

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