Amiga 600 Bundle – Recapped and built to your specification


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We have a number of Amiga 600s ready to go and with options to suit any budget. All our Amiga 600s come fully tested and recapped. They include

  • Fully recapped and tested
  • Videos / photos of extensive tests with Amiga Test Kit
  • Includes Mouse and PSU

A whole host of optional extras including

  • Rram cards
  • Accelerators (PiStorm Furia etc..)
  • Hard disk drives inc fully setup workbench
  • Gotek floppy drive emulators
  • Upgraded Mean Well Power Supplies
  • Upgraded ROMs
  • Joysticks

Note that the purchase price is for a standard recapped Amiga 600 with Mouse and PSU. Contact us for further options as availability may vary.

Photo used for illustration purposes. Please contact us for photos. Cases / keyboards may have discolouration or have yellowed. The motherboard may show signs of repairs – all boards have been fully tested, and customers will be provided extensive photos / videos of the board being tested.

Please allow up to 14 days for dispatch.

At present, we only offer these machines to customers within the UK due to issues with customs and unreliable delivery partners.


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