Amiga CD32 Controller / Pad / Joypad


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The best controller for the Amiga is a hot topic but IMO, this is it!

Its iconic design combined with a very comfortable grip makes the CD32 pad my go-to controller for all my Amiga gaming.

This controller has been fully cleaned and the D pad has been repaired with a 3D printed insert. It’s a common issue that the D pad locator pins become fragile and break over time. A spare insert will be provided with this pad but should not ever be needed.

Nice used condition pad see photos.

This includes

  • Amiga CD32 Controller fully tested
  • 1 x spare D-Pad repair insert

This controller will work with any Amiga and even in 2-button mode. It has been fully tested.

The cable had a small split that has been wrapped in electrical tape (pictured). 


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