Atari ST GOTEK USB Flash Drive – Games / Demos / Utilities 32GB


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We know your time is precious and you’d rather be playing your beloved Atari ST rather than hunting down, organising and loading games, utilities and demos onto a flash drive. Why not let us do the hard work for you with our preloaded Retro32 Atari ST GOTEK flash drive.

  • Applications – 1211 ST Files
  • Cover Disks – 900 ST Files
  • Demos – 2270 ST Files
  • Diskmags – 951 ST Files
  • Educational – 4956 ST Files
  • Games – 1211 ST Files
  • Public Domain – 876 ST Files

This little lot totals over 11,000 ST files. We also include the selector program.

You can simply pop it in and away you go!

What do you get?

  • 1 x 32GB Sandisk USB flash drive

!! Please note !! We are NOT selling the Public domain games/applications or utilities. The files contained on the drive are a gift with the purchase of the USB flash drive. All ST images are either shareware and or public domain. Please support the development community and pay/donate if you enjoy their software. This drive DOES NOT contain “retail” or pirated games.

We take NO responsibility for the ST files contained – there are simply waaaaaaay too many for us to test them all. If you’re unsure please do get in touch – [email protected]


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