Amiga Gotek 2.42″ OLED Display module and housing


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It’s time to ditch those bulky / ugly gotek display headers and stop reaching for the glasses. Our 2,42″ gotek headers off a compact solution for those looking for a little more real estate from their display.

This is our own in-house design and allows for the correct fitting of dust covers. We’re very proud of the quality of our prints, all our 3D-printed items are printed in-house.


  • 2.42″ OLED Display module
  • Display module housing. Black / White / Amiga 500 beige.


We advise soldering the display wires before fitting and feeding them through the case vents. Please be careful during this process. Optioning use some double-sided tape on the sides of the mount to keep it from slipping, this is due to tolerances in the vent recesses.


This mount will require soldering. If you are unsure or uncomfortable doing this please do not order. Returns will not be accepted due to incorrect fitting/wiring.

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White, Amiga 500 Beige, Black


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