If you had an Amiga back in the day then there is a high probability that X Copy was floating around your desk. This little gem of a utility allowed you to “legalyl” back up your original disks for safekeeping. Unfortunately for publishers and developers alike, it also allowed for the copying / pirating of games. We have to admit that our games collection did, in fact, feature a few games that we’re quite legit.

Gamer makers did what they could by adding copy protection and also manual verification systems such as a code handbook (Worms) or like the case of Zool, a beautifully crafted protection wheel.

In the case that the trusty “Nibble Copy” wasn’t man enough for copy-protected discs, X Copy could utilise a “Cyclone Dongle”. This dongle allowed additional modes such as Deep Nibble, APWM (Adaptive Pulse Width Modulation) Deep nibble and APWM Index copy to circumvent protection measures.

Click here for the X Copy Manual 

If you wanted to “locate” a copy of X-copy there is a shrine to all things X-Copy here where you can download it http://jope.fi/xcopy/Thanks to a tip from our friend fastdruid on the Amiga Reddit

YouTube Video

We managed to source a copy of X Copy Professional 6.4 for our Amiga 1200 and promptly connected two of our finest Cumana external drives. This resulted in a feat I have ever experienced with a 1 to 2 copy mode. I can only imagine how much time this would have saved me back in the day.

Check out our YouTube video of Xcopy Pro in action together with the live audio added.


The Setup



1 Source – 2 Destination. This is only something I could dream of as a kid!

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