Since our GOTEK guide has been so popular over on the website, we’ve put together this video guide / tutorial so you can set up and use your GOTEK drive in your Amiga and say goodbye to floppies forever.

We hope you find this useful. Let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

Useful GOTEK Links

As promised – please find all the site links below


Amiga Gotek: Getting started guide | Installation | Set up and Game downloads (FlashFloppy)

Cleaned Game TOSEC

Amiga ADF TOSEC Amiga game download – Sorted & Cleaned (GOTEK)

Flash Floppy

Blank ADF download

Amiga Blank / Empty ADF Download

Buy your GOTEK Drive

Amiga GOTEK USB Flash Drive – Games / Demos / Utilities (16GB)

Retro32 PD Games Pack

Amiga Public Domain PD Games Download pack ADF


Llamatron – Amiga shareware – Jeff Minter Llamasoft 1991 – Amiga 1200

We hope you find this useful, please do reach out if you have any questions Recorded on an Amiga 500 using an OSSC. Long live the Amiga!