** We’re currently looking for alternative download locations for this pack. I’ll keep you updated **

If you’ve used our Gotek getting started guide and downloaded the full TOSEC ADF file then you’ll know that whilst it’s a great resource, cleaning and sorting all the games is a mammoth task.

Fortunately for us, someone going by the name of Jorsus has done just that and made the archive available for all.

The files have been cleaned with many of the duplicates and bad files remove together with sorting it all alphabetically into folders. This is a godsend!! We thank Jorsus with all our hearts.

The file was originally hosted on media fire but I’m not a fan of the ads so we have managed to find a more reliable source for all you lucky Amiga heads out there.


Before we talk about downloading games – the legal bit. We / I “Retro32.com are not responsible for any downloads/links or anything else on this site. It’s YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are only downloading/using game backup files of titles you already own.


Simply click the following link and download the 7zip file. You will need an extraction tool such as Winrar to unpack it. Be warned that the unpacked file equates to over 10GB.

Click for the download:

Download #1 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgN_lcJFiQVialvp4do3sMi9_7k?e=C4IPvE
Download #2 https://mega.nz/file/MR5gDSxB#n6pCWfb9Q4ps2RSoJDfAe92j9BHz4Jip5lD6-jFwBaw

If your USB flash drive doesn’t have enough capacity then we recommend using a 64GB flash drive.

Anyone of these would be just great!

If you’re buying from Amazon just MAKE SURE it is dispatched and sold by Amazon. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of fake USB drives from marketplace sellers.

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