Following the amazing response to our Scorched Tanks feature we’ve put together this page to offer a glimpse into the best games the Amiga Public domain (PD) scene had to offer.

We’ve put together a PD games pack based around all the feedback we’ve had from our fellow Amiga owners. The pack is supplied as a RAR file and contains ADF files. These can be used in an Amiga Gotek or emulator. For more information on the Amiga Gotek check out our Amiga Gotek getting started guide.

Retro32 PublicDomain Download Pack (Games)

Our Pack currently contains the following games. Since we’re all about community, please let us know if there are any PD games worthy of our download pack.

Our pack contains

  • Arkanoid.adf
  • Alien Fish Finger (1996)(Skull Army)(SW-R)[KS2.0][Blitz BASIC]
  • Amiga Power #38 (1994)(Future Publishing)(GB)(Disk 1 of 2)[Jun 1994]
  • Arkanoid.adf
  • Charr v1.00 (1994)(Boeh, Michael)(PD)[h TPB][m sound Bomb Squad].adf
  • Crown of Ardania, The v2.0 (1987)(G.L.A.U.G. & Neale Computer Arts)(SW)[h NUKE]
  • Defender v1.1 (1994-03)(Ratsoft)(SW)[t +10 Apocalypse].adf
  • Deluxe Galaga v2.6C (1995-06-01)(Vigdal, Edgar)(SW)[KS3.0].adf
  • Deluxe Pac-Man v1.7 (1997-04-27)(Vigdal, Edgar)(SW-R).adf
  • Extreme Violence v6.92 (1993-05)(Green, Simon)(SW)[KS2.0][AMOS].adf
  • Gravity-Force 2 v1.00 (1994-02-25)(BiTS)(FW)[h][a2].adf
  • High Octane – New Fast Version (1994)(Fry-Up Productions)(PD)[a].adf
  • HydroZone v1.02b (2010-11-19)(Skull Army)(FW)[Special Edition][Blitz BASIC]
  • Knights v2.4 (1994-04-24)(Reaper)(FW)[a][AMOS].adf
  • Lemmingoids v2.0 (199x)(Caracho, El)(PD).adf
  • Llamatron.adf
  • Master Blaster v2.21 (1995-10-25)(Nexus)(SW-R)[Blitz BASIC].adf
  • MechForce – Heavy Metal Combat v3.80 (1989-03)(Reed, Ralph)(SW).adf
  • MegaBall (1994)(Hawkeye Soft)(ECS-AGA)(SW)[cr Extreme].adf
  • Ork Attack (19xx)(West Ian)[a].adf
  • Poing 6 (1998)(van der Valk, Paul)(PD)[WB].adf
  • Scorched Tanks v1.90 (1995)(Dark Unicorn).adf
  • Sneech.adf
  • Starwoids v1.01 (demo-playable) (1994-07-09)(Hift – Crawford – Wells)(Disk 1 of 2)[PD-Soft][Blitz BASIC].adf
  • Starwoids v1.01 (demo-playable) (1994-07-09)(Hift – Crawford – Wells)(Disk 2 of 2)[PD-Soft].adf
  • Super Obliteration (1993)(D. Papworth).adf
  • Tanx v1.1 (1991-08)(Robertz, Gaz)(PD)[h UAE Files Archive].adf
  • Tetris Pro (1993)(Logic Systems)[cr 2KAD][h LSD].adf
  • Top Secret (1992)(Simon, C.)(PD).adf
  • Wired Chaos v1.81 (2010)(SkullArmy)(FW)[Special Edition].adf

Pack Download

Click below to download – extract with Winrar

** Updated 28/07/2020 ** v1.1 – News games Crown of Ardania, Knights & Top Secret
** Updated 28/07/2020 ** v1.2 – News games Alien Fish Finger, Sneech, Super Obliteration, Lemmingoids, Wired Chaos, Hyrdozone & Arkanoid.adf

File Checksum: 4fba6c1640911766f87423c6bbbddba1 retro32_public_domain_download_pack_(games)_v1.2.rar

Let’s hear from you

I aim to keep expanding this pack with your feedback – please let us know if you have any issues for suggestions for new games to add. Enjoy and happy gaming!


Massive, massive massive thanks to FuZioN / NeoKorteX for the epic ascii and all the contributions to Retro32. Absolute Legend!


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