The legend behind the epic Amiga Game Selector AGS, Paul Vince has now confirmed the release of version 2.5 for Amiga Mini, Raspberry Pi, WinUAE and real hardware.

The 2.5 release marks a vast number of improvements and fixes. The most notable is the inclusion of Pandory Mini from the wizards at Team Pandory. Pandory Mini gives the Amiga Mini internet access via bsdsocket.library with a compatible USB to ethernet adapter **.  This opens up a whole new world for mini owners who may have missed out on the joys of an internet-enabled Amiga experience to access online resources such as Aminet and the controversial BBS scene. In fact, using the preloaded BBS Client, DCTelnet you can access the BBS with ease!

** For a full list of compatible USB ethernet adapters and links check out the following article –

We’ve been using the Beta version of AGS 2.5 for a few days, it’s absolutely glorious. It’s as close to a “real” Amiga experience as you’ll get without real hardware or the cost of expensive FPGA solutions. Countless hours have been spent developing and fine-tuning every aspect of AGS, it just keeps getting better and better with each release and it shows!

AGS 2.5 is available for the Amiga Mini (A500 mini), Raspbery Pi, Real hardware (both disk image and HDF) and WInUAE. At present, it is only compatible with AGA machines, however, Paul has confirmed an ECS version is in the works.

We’re yet to try the HDF version on our Retrooid Pocket 2S, and can’t wait to get it running online with access to our BBS on the go! We’ll also be firing it up on our TF1260 powered Amiga 1200 to see how it compares to the likes of Zeb’s WHDLoad image.

A massive shout out to Paul for all the hard work he’s put into AGS. It is a game changer for the A500 mini, in fact for the Amiga scene in general.

We’d highly recommend supporting the AGS and why not contribute to Paul’s coffee fund. Links on the AGS website.

Want to access from your mini?!

Access the legendary Retro32 BBS using DCTelnet

How to download

AGS 2.5 can be downloaded from a number of sources. As below

As before, if you need a little helping hand setting up AGS, we offer a USB writing service that gives you a “turn-key” solution. All you need to do is pop it in your mini and you’re away. Click below for more details.

Amiga Game Selector AGS USB stick (A500 mini – Amiga Mini) distro (writing service) – 64GB USB

A full list of what’s new

For full details on what’s new check out our previous article as below

Amiga Game Selector 2.5 coming soon for the Amiga Mini and more! What’s new?