Even with a community of Doom enthusiasts pushing the limits of everyday items such as calculators, treadmills and even iPods to run Doom, the Amiga never quite managed it with it’s “limited” hardware resources.

Gloom was one of the first Doom “clones” for the platform and despite its rather blocky graphics, it was critically acclaimed by the Amiga community.  Despite the graphics and screen size limitations, Gloom is still a great title. Its “messy” mode makes for some hilarious deaths as enemies explode into fountains of glorious gibs.

The Amiga CD32 further improves on the 1200 version with extended controller support, allowing strafing with its groundbreaking shoulder buttons.

Developer: Black Magic Software
Release Date: 1995

For those interested – this game is available in the Amiga CD32 TOSEC download – you can find details on how to download and burn it to disc in our article – AMIGA CD32 GAMES ISO DOWNLOAD & HOW TO BURN


Gloom is probably one of the most fun experiences I’ve had on the Amiga CD32 – It’s certainly a massive improvement on the utterly disappointing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo we covered yesterday.