Amiga joystick USB adapter (HID)


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Want to use an original Amiga joystick on your Amiga 500 Mini (A500 mini) or PC? This adapter is for you.

It features a 3D-printed enclosure custom designed and printed by Retro32 and offers 2-button support plus start (for selecting games). It offers ultralow latency to ensure maximum performance.

  • Full HID joystick support for A500 mini and PC
  • Two-button support with “select” button
  • 3D printed enclosure

These are in very limited stock and will be made to order once our current stock of three units is sold. Please contact us if you would like to order if out of stock. The current lead time on this adapter is 5 working days as they are made to order (usually quicker).

Note that the joystick as pictured is not included. You will need to supply a USB micro cable


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