We’ve published videos of the epic Zeewolf 2 running on both Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 hardware but it’s hard to see the real difference between the two until you see them side by side.

In this video, we show you just how much difference the extra horsepower from the 1200 actually makes over the humble 500. It’s amazing and a joy to play!

On the 500, the low FPS ruins the experience and makes it frustrating as hell, especially when the action hots up. The game on the 1200 is on a whole new level, whilst you still do get some slow down in places – it’s much more fluid.

Next up, we have some upgrades for the 1200, including a nice new 8MB fast ram expansion. I’ll publish another video when it’s fitted to see how all three compare.


Rather than take my word for it, check out our side by side video comparison of Zeewolf 2 below

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