The votes are in and the NAG has spoken!

In a poll of over 300 Norwich Amiga Group members, they were asked for their top 10 Amiga games. With such a vast and diverse library of games for the mighty Amiga, voting was tough – just how can you only choose 10?!

They’ve crunched the numbers and are proud to confirm a list of the top 40. Amiga games… EVER.

As you’ll see from the list below, there are the usual suspects but also some that we’ve yet to experience such as Slam Tilt, Goblins 2 and Roland.


In reverse order

40. Jet Strike
39. Space Crusade
38. James Pond 2: Robocod
37. Banshee
36. Gobliins 2
35. Gods
34. Knights Of The Sky
33. The Adventures Of Robin Hood
32. Worms
31. Shadow Of The Beast 2
30. Stunt Car Racer
29. Birds Of Prey
28. Project-X
27. Rodland
26. Worms: The Director’s Cut
25. Dune
24. Superfrog
23. Arcade Pool
22. Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
21. Scorched Tanks
20. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
19. Slam Tilt
18. Dynablaster
17. Kick Off 2
16. Turrican II
15. Sensible Soccer
14. Pinball Fantasies
13. Dune II
12. Syndicate
11. Lotus Turbo Challenge II
10. Pinball Dreams
9. Flashback
8. The Settlers
7. The Chaos Engine (Video here)
6. Frontier: Elite 2
5. Speedball 2
4. Sensible World Of Soccer (Video here)
3. The Secret Of Monkey Island
2. Lemmings
1. Cannon Fodder (Video here)

Cannon Fodder was the clear winner by far, leaving those cute little Lemmings eating Stoo’s dust. The flight for the rest of the podium was tough, with less than 20 points between the top 5.

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NAG – Top 40. Amiga Games (Download Pack ADF)


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